RoboKeeper Soccer mini

The fastest goalkeeper in the world

Man vs. machine

The RoboKeeper football mini is an alternative for events with less space and smaller budgets. To compensate for the greatly shortened distance between the shooter and the keeper, the performance has been improved once again. Again, no matter how fast and precise you shoot, the RoboKeeper will parry almost any shot.

But don't worry: thanks to the seven speed levels, everyone really gets their money's worth: from children to professional footballers.

We shoot with a size 3 ball at a 2x1m goal, so the ratio is maintained.

The system is weatherproof (IP 67) and can be used at any time of day or night thanks to floodlighting. The module also offers excellent branding possibilities.

The RoboKeeper can be rented and purchased.

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Space requirement

Lenght: 8.0 m

Width: 3.0 m

Height: 2.5 m

Power requirement

To operate the RoboKeeper, a 400 V / 32 amp three-phase current connection (CEE plug) is required directly on the module. The capacity of the RoboKeeper is 22 KW. Mains type: 3 phases + neutral, 230V/400V or 220V/380V (neutral must be present).


1 technician, 1 promoter

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