RoboKeeper Soccer

The fastest goalkeeper in the world

Man vs. machine

The duel against the RoboKeeper is pure fascination. Technology at the highest level makes our goalkeeper robot an absolute highlight at every event - for participants and spectators. During his saves, the RoboKeeper accelerates 20 times faster than a Formula 1 car at the start and stops shots at a speed of over 100 km/h from less than eight metres away from the goal. Even Manuel Neuer can only marvel at that.

But don't worry: thanks to the seven speed levels, really everyone gets their money's worth: from children to professional footballers.

The system is weatherproof (IP 67) and can be used at any time of day or night thanks to floodlighting.

The RoboKeeper can be rented and purchased.

Photos & Videos

The fun of playing with RoboKeeper can be enhanced by the interface for automatic photo or video creation. The perfect moment can be captured by our system with memory function and then made available to the participant in all conceivable ways. Printout, mailing, display, ... no problem at all. Our heart, however, is the webalbum.

With the webalbum, a personal code is issued on site and via this identification, each participant can view and share the photos or videos on their smartphone (among others) in less than a minute after their participation - in their own private area. Before logging in, a data query can be switched on, which is much more sustainable than a data query on site - and of course DSGVO-compliant.

An eye-catcher

In addition to the fascinating technology, the RoboKeeper is also an eye-catcher thanks to its design and offers excellent branding opportunities. With a height of 3.50 m, the module can be seen from a long distance.

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Space requirement

Length: 12.0 m

Width: 5.0 m

Height: 3.5 m

Power requirement

To operate the RoboKeeper, a 400 V / 32 amp three-phase current connection (CEE plug) is required directly on the module. The capacity of the RoboKeeper is 22 KW. Mains type: 3 phases + neutral, 230V/400V or 220V/380V (neutral must be present).


1 technician, 2 promoters

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