IFA 2019

Urban dance, parkour, tricking and soccer freestyle

04. to 09 September 2019/ Berlin

Siemens household appliances are a perfect match for people who are active in life. But how do you manage to communicate this in an eye-catching way at a trade show booth? The implementation of this task was confidently placed in the hands of our YOURSHOWACT experts. The result was spectacular, thrilled the IFA audience and expanded the fan base of the Siemens product world.

A total of seven artists from the fields of urban dance, parkour, tricking and soccer freestyle were put together, each of them among the best in their respective discipline, and rehearsed the show in several days of rehearsals with the help of a highly experienced and internationally active choreographer. We also put together the music especially for the show act.

The challenge here was that it should be based on the Acoustic Corporate Identity of Siemens. A suitable partner from the sporting goods industry provided the matching outfit for our show act. Our guys from YOURSHOWACT took over the project management during the whole period and made sure that a total of 40 shows went smoothly and without any injuries.

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