RoboKeeper @ Camp Nou

Partnership with FC Barcelona is extended

01 October 2019 / Barcelona

In the beginning it was just an idea, followed by a three-month test phase, and now it's going ahead in the long term: the RoboKeeper as an attraction at Camp Nou as part of the stadium tours. Since August, anyone who wants to can compete against the RoboKeeper. However, this is not free of charge, as is usually the case with sponsorship activities, but in this case with the purchase of a ticket for the RoboKeeper in the amount of EUR 5.00. The RoboKeeper will be available to all visitors.

Up to 500 visitors per day did not miss the chance to compete against the best goalkeeper in the world in the shadow of the stadium of the best player in the world. And from there it was clear to all involved, the RoboKeeper has to stay. We look forward to a long-term partnership with FC Barcelona.

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