twall® 64 Reaction wall

Sporting action in a small space!

The twall® 64 reaction wall is an interactive sports and training device that measures and trains reaction, speed, coordination and movement skills.

Various reaction games for all age groups require not only reaction, speed and coordination, but also stamina and brains, depending on the game.

We offer all available twall models (twall®Advanced, twall®classic and twall®PLUS) with the different size variants.


twall® 16 / 32 / 64 - for rent

twall® PLUS D1 / D2 / D4 - for sale

twall® A16 / A 32 / A64 - for sale

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Another reaction game is our ActivityBoard.



Space requirement

Deep: 1.1 m

Width: 2.1 m

Height: 2.4 m

Power requirement

230 Volt / 16 Ampere (Schuko connection)


1 promoter. Support can be provided by the customer themselves if desired.

Other Games

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