Speedmaster Photo/Video

The perfect moment

The Speemaster can do more than just speed.

The special feature of our system is the photo and video connection. The perfect moment can be set automatically, because our system not only takes pictures after a signal is triggered, but also has a memory function. This means that photos and video sequences from the past can also be selected.

The photo tool's compatibility with 4K webcams, GoPros and SLR cameras guarantees the highest photo quality and individual angles.

The camera perspective can be freely selected as well as the distribution of the photos/videos: direct printout on site, web album, automatic Facebook upload, mailings, display on site, ...

Webalbum - ultra-fast and private

With the webalbum, a personal code will be issued on site and via this identification, each participant can view and share the photos or videos on their smartphone in less than a minute after their participation - in their own private area. Before logging in, a data query can be switched on, which is much more sustainable than a data query on site - and of course DSGVO-compliant.

The integration of logos and claims in the photos or videos is of course possible.

Feel free to contact us for individual solutions. Everyone can take static photos, but we can capture movements at the perfect moment for eternity.

Advantage Video

Thanks to the video function, you capture the moment in moving image. The video can be made available to every participant in no time for viewing and sharing in the web album. Or edit the best moments - joy and disappointment alike - into a best-of clip. In any case, you get content for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok & Co.


Space requirement

The area is dictated by the sport or event. The radar unit and the display take up only half a square metre of space each. For a setup with a truss, the following area should be planned; length: 8.0 m, width: 4.0 m, height: 3.0 m.

Power requirement

230 Volt / 16 Ampere (Schuko connection)


Self-care is possible, but technical knowledge is necessary to set up the system. For self-care, a laptop and - if needed - printer must be provided. If we take over the support, we bring everything with us and you don't have to worry about anything.

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