Speedmaster classic

Measure speed professionally

Speedmaster is the world's most accurate speed measurement system in sport. All moving objects are automatically detected in real time and the speed is played out on an LED display in real time.

The system can be used for all sports: from football to golf to bobby car racing.

Speedmaster is very easy to set up and can be operated without supervision. With a battery pack, it is even possible to hold an event day without a direct power connection.

The speed measuring equipment can be bought and rented from us. We only use the Speedmaster Pro with a five-digit display (two digits after the decimal point).

Information about the extension with automatic photos and videos can be found here: Speedmaster Photo/Video

We are happy to set the scene for the speed measurement with the right set-up and support the activation by our staff.

Highscore programme

The highscore programme creates ranking lists and updates them automatically in real time. The design can be customised. It is also possible to play in two different categories and display them simultaneously - e.g. children/adults.


Space requirement

The area is dictated by the sport or event. The radar unit and the display take up only half a square metre of space each. For a setup with a truss, the following area should be planned; length: 8.0 m, width: 4.0 m, height: 3.0 m.

Power requirement

230 volts / 16 amps (Schuko connection).

Operation for several hours without a power connection is possible via a battery pack.


Basically, no supervision is necessary. The Speedmaster set can be sent out. For larger events, it is of course advisable to have one person in charge.

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