SpeedGoal Handball

The duel at the goal wall

The direct duel - as a team - against the clock.

The idea behind our SpeedGoal is very simple and therefore ingenious: In a direct duel, two teams try to throw their own balls to the other side as quickly as possible.

After 90 seconds, the whistle blows and the team with fewer balls in its own half wins. Or there is a sudden death. If a team manages to place all balls with the opponent before the end of the regular playing time, it has won prematurely.

The SpeedGoal can be rented and purchased.

Sports: Football, handball, basketball.

Go to www.speedgoal.de for more info.


Space requirement

Length: 14.0 m

Width: 4.0 m

Height: 3.5 m

Power requirement

In the normal version: no power connection necessary.

For the display or floodlight:

230 volts / 16 amps (Schuko connection)


2 promoters

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