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Sport show activations

With our show portal YOURSHOWACT we offer you a variety of show acts for different events. Within the three categories Urban, Classic and Modern you will find many top artists from the world of sports. As versatile as these showacts are, as versatile are also the possibilities of use. For example, use an act at your event to liven up or heat up the atmosphere. Or present your company, your brand or certain products in a creative way by means of a show act. For this purpose, not only our individual show acts are at your disposal. We also offer you individual show productions on request. With a team of experienced choreographers and world-class artists, we combine different disciplines and use appropriate music and outfits to serve your needs exactly, so that we can ultimately reach your target audience in a suitable way.

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Space requirement

The area varies greatly from show act to show act. You will find more detailed information on the requirements for the individual show acts at

Design scope

To achieve your goals and needs, we customize the individual components of the show acts accordingly. The right music, matching outfits, integration of products or brands - whatever is needed to reach your target group.

Further possibilities

We are also happy to develop suitable ways to use a show act even after the performance. Be it social media posts or professional video recordings - just get in touch with us.

Other Games

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