RoboKeeper Ice-Hockey/Hockey

The fastest goalkeeper in the world

Man vs. Machine

This goalkeeper will amaze you. No matter how quickly and precisely you shoot, the RoboKeeper parries almost every shot. Neither chance nor magic are at work here, but technology at the highest level, which makes this goalkeeper the fastest goalkeeper in the world.

It all started with football, but RoboKeeper is now available for four sports: football, handball, ice hockey and hockey. The football version is available in two different sizes.

The RoboKeeper Hockey celebrated its premiere back in 2010 at the Champions Trophy in Mönchengladbach. Three years later, the RoboKeeper Ice Hockey was used for the first time at the Ice Hockey World Championship 2013. Both versions can be booked for one-day events and longer assignments.

The RoboKeeper can be rented and purchased.

One click on and you are right in the middle of it.



Space requirement

Length: 12.0 m

Width: 3.0 m

Height: 2.5 m

Power requirement

To operate the RoboKeeper, a 400 V / 32 amp three-phase current connection (CEE plug) is required directly on the module. The capacity of the RoboKeeper is 22 KW. Mains type: 3 phases + neutral, 230V/400V or 220V/380V (neutral must be present).


1 technician, 2 promoters

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