The somewhat different kind of billiards

The unique combination

With PoolBall® you become the cue yourself! On this oversized billiard table, two teams face each other and play a modified form of pool.

Two teams of up to 10 players face each other and play on the high-quality artificial turf. The focus is on fun and entertainment. It doesn't necessarily depend on football skills, but on a talent for combination and a bit of aim, so that fun with pool ball is guaranteed even for non-footballers.

Poolball can be rented or purchased!


Space requirement

Length: 8.0 m

Width: 4.5 m

Height: 3.0 m

Power requirement

In the normal version: no power connection necessary.

For the floodlight:

230 volts / 16 amps (Schuko connection)


1 promoter. Support can be provided by the customer themselves if desired.

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