Electronic football goal

Interactive and exciting for every target group

Kick-Point is not primarily about kicking skill, but about skill and shot placement. After the player has captured his target on the screen, he tries to hit the corresponding area in the real football goal with a real football. The electronic football goal immediately evaluates each shot and virtually repeats the shot on the screen and presents the results. The game screen can be fully customised. Kick-Point can be rented or purchased!

The sensors installed in the goal frame precisely record the hit of the ball in the football goal (shot precision). In addition, they determine the speed of the shot. Countless game variations are possible. Do you have special requirements? No problem: If required, we can create a unique game for your event. If you wish, each player will receive a certificate with his or her personal goal-scoring data at the end of his or her round.


Space requirement

Length: 8.0m

Width: 4.0m

Height: 3,5m


Power requirement

230 Volt / 16 Ampere (Schuko connection)


1 promoter. Supervision can be provided by the client if desired.

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