Biathlon-Goalwall Soccer

Winter sports all year round

The combination of winter sports and football creates our unique biathlon goal wall. Just like in a real biathlon race, the five targets have to be hit under time pressure. This quickly shows who can withstand the pressure with only five attempts and who is not up to it.

The possibility of competing alone or as a team creates an exciting atmosphere. With the prospect of winning small prizes, a competitive feeling is created. It quickly becomes apparent that precision and nerves of steel are the key to success.

The biathlon goal wall can be rented and purchased.

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Space requirement

Length: 8.0 m

Width: 5.0 m

Height: 3.5 m


In the normal version: no power connection necessary.

For the floodlight:

230 volts / 16 amps (Schuko connection)


2 promoters

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