Elobau GmbH & Co KG and Julian Reus

Who: Elobau GmbH & Julian Reus

Category: Sponsoring

Info: 4attention has succeeded in finding a strong partner for Elobau GmbH und Co KG in Julian Reus, who will help the company achieve its goals over the next two years, with an option for a long-term partnership. As the leading supplier worldwide in the field of non-contact sensor technology, the company primarily represents values such as sustainability, trust, credibility and loyalty. These are the same values that Julian Reus lives and strives for every day.

4attention developed the cooperation model and will continue to accompany and deepen the partnership between Elobau and Julian Reus in the future. Planned activities include a sprint workshop on Elobau's premises, where employees can experience the fastest German first-hand and get to know him personally.