Table football (Foosball)

A classic favorite for your event!

Foosball is always popular. But not all foosball tables are the same, and the quality of the tables is important. Th better the table, the more fun it is. And the fact that even professionals train using our tables is a clear indication of their quality.

Speaking of professionals: We would be happy to equip your event with our table football tables, which range from professional tables to the XXL version and a special designer table. If you want to give your guests, customers or employees an unforgettable table soccer moment, then table soccer entertainer and world champion Chris Marks will be glad to oblige.

Of course it's also possible to use our tables to convey your brand messages. It's up to you whether you want a special table for a unique event or a bespoke table you can use again and again.

And if you have even bigger plans – for example, a tournament in an exciting atmosphere, perhaps even with catering and an emcee – we are the ones who can help you facilitate them.

We are looking forward to your contact!

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