Opel Biathlon Challenge

Driving skill and shooting precision

10 April 2019/ Mainz

What fun it was for everyone involved in the Opel Biathlon Challenge! The first challenge was the 3-point turnaround: Head in, then head back out, and do it as fast as possible. Then came the biathlon target board: Five shots and as many hits as possible – because each missed shot resulted in a penalty run on the Parcours.

The Mainz 05 pros Robin Zentner, Aaron Martin, Jean-Paul Boetius, Leandro Barreiro Martins, Anthony Ujah and Danny Latza took great pleasure in seeing their own comrades "fail." Where the hell is the reverse gear?

A sample video can be found here: Anthony Ujah & Jean-Paul Boetius | Opel Challenge | Part 1

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