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First amateur platform in e-sports goes online!

07 December 2020 / Cologne

EURAT ("European Amateur Tournament") is the first and only European platform in the e-sports sector that combines gaming, content, talent development and amateur leagues. Thanks to EURAT, young e-sports players from all over Europe will have the opportunity to compete internationally and prepare for the professional league. The idea of a European platform for amateurs is just as new as the approach behind it. For example, EURAT focuses on the promotion of young talent in all areas. As the first European e-sports platform, EURAT is to become one of the largest tournament platforms for amateurs. As of now, teams can register and sign up at www.eurat.gg.

We are happy to support the initiators of EURAT "A Maze Things AG" with the marketing: from the development of an industry-specific sponsoring concept to the planning of the project launch and the conception of a continuing marketing concept into international markets.

"We are very pleased to be working with EURAT's experts on this highly exciting e-sports project in the fast-growing gaming market," says Managing Director Torben Steffen.

E-sports reach over 440 million people worldwide and Europe is the e-sports hotspot, alongside North America and Asia. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, around 50 million gamers play. The largest group of these e-sports players is young, digitally savvy and internationally networked. For this upcoming generation of e-sports players, there is now for the first time a tournament platform of its own - EURAT, the European Amateur Tournament. EURAT is also the first and only European amateur league in the e-sports sector.

EURAT - for the next generation of e-sports players
With EURAT, hundreds of thousands of young e-sports players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as from Sweden and France, will have their own tournament platform for the first time. Other European countries will be connected to EURAT on an ongoing basis. The athletes of the next generation will compete at EURAT in four of the most popular e-sports games, which captivate millions every day. In the first phase, the following games are planned: League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite and Valorant.

EURAT focuses on promoting young talent and inclusion
Whether e-sports players, commentators or content creators - EURAT promotes young talent at all levels. EURAT is a platform for a generation that lives diversity and inclusion: With the EURAT special "ParaRAT", equal opportunities for young people with physical disabilities are being created in the e-sports sector for the first time. EURAT takes up important current topics such as mental and physical health, bullying, racism and diversity. For this purpose, EURAT is working together with the Swiss professional organisation "Pro Juventute", among others.

Registration for teams begins now - tournament starts in January 2021
Young teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as France and Sweden can register for the tournaments now at www.eurat.gg. In the next few weeks, the first fun tournaments, events and social media campaigns will start until EURAT begins play in January 2021. The tournaments and the league will start with a pre-selection in the individual European countries. The best teams will then compete internationally until the best team in Europe is crowned in the final. The live broadcasts and montages of the best moves will thrill hundreds of thousands of young people across Europe. Everything will be broadcast on the EURAT.gg platform and the social media channels Twitch and YouTube. The first official EURAT trailer can be found at:


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